Solutions We Provide

Media Relations

Eminent exposure of your business, in a way that captures the attention of your audience, lies at the heart of public relations. As media relations consultants, and through developing consistent and rewarding relationships with media representatives, we present our clients through favourable, valuable and engaging messages.

Tailored Solutions:

o  Feature story placements in press and web
o  Company brand publicity and key figure interviews
o  Cultivating pertinent media presence at company events
o  Propagating corporate communication to its correct audience
o  Involvement with Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) and bloggers in the social media landscape

Media Monitoring

To maximize your ROI, a thorough market analysis is indispensable to understand your target audience. The first step in doing so is to ensure that your message has the right reach and capacity to affect your customers' perceptions.

Through various constructs of media monitoring, we provide assurance that our clients are ensuing their vision on the market, while also acting as an early indicator of any imminent factors that may affect their business.

Tailored Solutions:

o  Efficiently tracking and monitoring all media channels; broadcast, print, and web
o  Daily updates to our clients of relevant media coverage.
o  Monthly clipping book for client's media exposure, supplemented with analysis report.

Media Training

Our clients' well-formulated messages are required to reach media in a cohesive form that illustrates their image. One aspect of achieving this is through direct discourse with journalists, cultural influencers' and Key Opinion Leaders (KOL).

Our role is to provide our clients with consistent guidance on who best to approach for productive dialogue, and how to engage in doing so in a way that will positively reflect on their company's image.

Tailored Solutions:

o  Briefing on the types of media in Egypt and the Arab region
o  Shedding light on the changes in the media scene, particularly that of social media after the revolution
o  Explaining the importance of interviews and anatomy of productive discourse
o  Coaching on tactful interview responses and managing feedback
o  Conducting practice interviews for our clients' employees

Events Management

Events present a resourceful opportunity to unveil novel innovations or hold a press conference. Through our company's prior experience in managing all-scale events, we’ll handle all necessary logistics, promote it through essential communication channels, contact relevant media members to generate attention and work with your business on preparing the message you need to deliver.

Tailored Solutions:

o  Managing event logistics
o  Production Services
o  Event promotion to the desired media
o  Coaching the spokesperson
o  Preparing the press release and event presentation

All in One

MEAComS is an organization that encourages women empowerment, innovation, and passion in everything we do.

Corporate Communications

To nurture and manage your growing audience, we use relevant media platforms to disseminate appropriate marketing materials to all your relevant stakeholders. We work to facilitate productive dialogue any target segment, while collecting valuable feedback to evaluate our progress and approach.

Communication in this day and age presents new and unique challenges in terms of managing your brand and reputation. Using traditional public relations tools, we can help you communicate directly with your customers and clients. However, your audience can — and will — want to share personal experiences about your products and services. Today, the most trusted source of information about companies and their products is the people who use them, so it’s important for you to be a part of — and encourage — those conversations.

Tailored Solutions:

o  Preparing company policy and guideline booklets
o  Internal company newsletters
o  Arranging for corporate presentations
o  Developing expedient and novel internal communication channels
o  Encouraging constructive communication with internal and external stakeholders through:
     - creation of brochures, annual reports and other corporate communication materials;
     - utilizing social media to promote healthy conversations about your offerings

Crisis Response Strategy

While we believe that prevention is priceless, a crisis can strike at any time and in such instances, it is imperative to have a plan in place. We focus on strategically minimizing damage and facilitating a rapid recovery, enabling our clients the flexibility to focus on resolving central concerns.

Tailored Solutions:

o  Identifying potential crises and threats to our clients and their respective stakeholders
o  Preparing Crisis Communication Plan
o  Developing key messages channeled through pertinent means of communication
o  Media training and on-site support

Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy

Now more than ever, in an inter-connected world, social responsibility is playing a vital role in your company’s image and brand loyalty. Through social-consciousness, you can earn the trust of your audience while anchoring your brand in their minds.

With our clients, we work to construct and implement a strategy that will present the precise point of their company's vital engagement with society.

Tailored Solutions:

o  Identifying our client's principal stakeholders and assessing their projected influence on the company's     image;
o  Evaluating the convergence of both, interests of our client's and principal stakeholders;
o  Constructing and implementing a CSR plan that would be most beneficial to your company's image;
o  Providing coverage through varying media outlets, followed by monitoring its effects and evaluating its     success.

Optimized Branding Strategy

The paramount way for a client to increase brand equity and goodwill is by articulating a clear vision and showing true and consistent value for customers. Together, we will develop and define your brand identity in a way that will resonate with your target segment, while aligning your brand attributes through perception-shaping promotions.

Tailored Solutions:

o  Building brand identity
o  Identifying target segment
o  Determining competitive advantage within the market
o  Developing positioning statement and delivering it through a communication strategy that is in accord     with your brand’s positioning
o  Developing a marketing mix that is aligned with the brand’s positioning
o  Creating the brand’s key messages

Social Media Strategy

As social media has exponentially expanded the reach of public relations, we preserve a keen responsiveness to this ever-growing realm of communication.

MEAComS can help you find your way in this increasingly complex and sometimes bewildering new media landscape. We develop strategies tailored to your brand in order to engage and expand a community of customers who can provide valuable market intelligence while spreading the word about what you do.

Tailored Solutions:

o  Setting business objectives to be achieved through social media
o  Developing a comprehensive media strategy that aligns with our clients' objectives
o  Setting up branded social media platforms
o  Daily management and monitoring of your social media outlets

Supplementary Services

Through years of operational expertise on the market, we offer help in additional services through our professional networks to support the growth of your business.

These services include:

o  Website development consultation
o  Graphic design service
o  Corporate identity consultation
o  Design and production of promotional material
o  Sponsorship arrangement
o  Translation services
o  Administrative services

Marketing Communications

Media savvy advertising and marketing campaigns are the bread and butter of everything from product launches to company events. At MEAComS, we understand how to marry traditional marketing tools with new age media campaigns that get your product, message or event out to the right people, every time.

Whether you’re looking to connect with customers, partners, clients or the public at large, we at MEAComS can tailor a strategy that will achieve your goals and get your brand to the people you want to reach without breaking the bank. We do this by tapping into our personal relationship with key members of the media as well as our first-hand knowledge of successful advertising strategies that target specific market segments.

Tailored Solutions:

o creation of marketing and advertising materials including flyers, print/web/TV/radio ads, press releases     and web and social media campaigns/strategies