We believe the strength of the team is each individual member,The strength of each member is the team

Central to the success of our entire team is the organic growth of work and responsibility among its members. Together we efficiently brainstorm, share strategic input, creative vision and solid planning in order to produce outstanding results for our clients.

We are empowered innovators, resourceful thinkers and big believers in the fact that quality work is a reward in itself. Above all else, respect, honesty and integrity pervade in our daily interactions here at MEAComS.

Get introduced to our team!

Fatma z. Ahmed
Managing Director & Founder Fatma z. Ahmed
Rawda Ghanem
Media Relations Executive Rawda Ghanem
Zeina Ahmed
Administrative Officer Zeina Ahmed
Zuhair Syed
Head of Content and Client Relations Zuhair Syed
Nadia Fawzy
Senior Editor (A) Nadia Fawzy
Fatma Shaheen
Senior Translator Fatma Shaheen
Mona El Gendy
Media Monitoring Mona El Gendy
Mahmoud Zahran
Professional Photographer Mahmoud Zahran
Ahmed Tawfik
Executive Producer and Video Editor Ahmed Tawfik