Strategic Partnership Between Shell Lubricants Egypt and Brilliance Bavarian Auto

Cairo, Egypt, 8 January 2014: Shell Lubricants Egypt and Brilliance Bavarian Auto signed off a partnership contract, which will shape the strategic future of the two prominent companies. The ceremonial signing took place at the Brilliance Bavarian Auto Showroom in Almaza, Heliopolis with senior representatives from both organizations in attendance.

Mr. Yibo Du, Managing Director of Brilliance Bavarian Auto and Mr. Saher Hashem, Managing Director of Shell Lubricants Egypt, were at the signing ceremony. Other representatives from Brilliance Bavarian Auto’s side namely; Mr. Khaled Saad Deputy General Manager, Mr. Magdy Adel, Marketing Manager and Eng. Magdy Attia, After Sales Service Manager, were present.  From Shell Lubricants’ Egypt, Mrs. Khouloud Khadr, Direct Sales Manager and Mr. Mohamed Taha, Automotive Key Account Manager, also witnessed the signing event.

The agreement will see the two companies engage in a collaborative partnership that will combine innovative technologies and a wealth of management experience to deliver exceptional results to the consumer.






Mr. Saher Hashem, Managing Director for Shell Lubricants Egypt expressed his belief that this was just the beginning in what will be a positive, long-term strategic alliance for the two companies, both leaders in their fields.

“This partnership is just the beginning of a long journey to success, we are glad to keep expanding our business with one of the most prominent vehicle and importer manufacturer in Egypt, because this simply means that we are maintaining our success and growing leadership position in the market.” said Saher Hashem.

“Shell Helix Ultra” a synthetic oil for gasoline engines is a testament to Shell’s pioneering expertise and commitment to the cutting- edge synthetic technology. Over 1,000 specialists, 200 researchers, as well as 300 consultants and technicians were involved in the development of this technology globally.

The technology is unique as it allows engines to obtain efficient cleansing using “Active Cleansing Technology”, working to protect the engine in the most difficult operating conditions. It also helps fight harmful deposits, which accumulate on the inner surfaces of the engine, as well as improving overall performance enabling the engine to run at full capacity in between oil changes.

Brilliance Bavarian Auto solidified its reputation as an iconic independent brand over the past ten years, working with major car manufacturers such as BMW, Porsche, and Toyota, while being behind the inception of two other successful brands, Jinbei and Brilliance.

Mr. Khaled Saad, Deputy General Manager for Brilliance Bavarian Auto commented on the deal, as being a perfect fit for the company’s strategic vision for 2014.

“I am quite sure that our partnership with Shell, the leading Oil supplier in Egypt will ease the way towards our continuous success, “said Saad at the ceremonial signing.

“Together with Shell Lubricants Egypt, our success partner, we will execute our marketing plan effectively, and thus increase our customers’ brand awareness and their confidence in the products used in our maintenance system.”

The company cemented its position as a top performer with the release of the Brilliance Passenger Car and the Jinbei Haise Microbus and Minibus. Sales of the latter have now exceeded 1,000,000 units, giving the company a lion’s share of the competitive Chinese market.

Other exclusive models include the Brilliance Cross, V5, H530, FRV series, FSV series, and Granse MPV. This range has a significant presence in global markets and is currently being exported to the Middle East, Africa, North and South America, and Europe.