Siemens to Gain Egyptian Consumers Trust

Siemens Egypt opened its first technical office in Cairo in 1901. Since then, the brand has grown to include its global businesses – electrification, automation and digitalization, which produce practical innovations for 10 divisions, including healthcare. The Siemens brand was officially established in 1992, bringing together all Egyptian Siemens operations under a single company.

The firm has more than 480 employees and is known as a respected, household brand across the country for its high-quality solutions and products.


The Challenge

Although Siemens Egypt is a well-respected brand, it was looking for a way to speak directly to Egyptian consumers about its products and future plans for the country. The company wanted to build trust by framing its messages via President and CEO Peter Löscher.

It was also important to do it in both English and Arabic, if possible and to run an exclusive interview. The MEAComS team listened carefully to Siemens’ requests and decided on an approach that involved media briefing for Siemens’ staff, preparing a list of top-notch media representatives for local newspapers and hosting pre-interview debriefs with interviewers.


The Approach

Using its long list of trusted media sources, MEAComS was able to publish the story among media representatives who worked at reputable publications and organize an exclusive one-on-one interview with Al Alam Al Youm newspaper.

MEAComS also arranged media briefing document for Löscher and helped Egypt communication team to put together a number of points to highlight in his interview.


The Results

The exclusive interview as a resounding success. With MEAComS’ help and collaborating with our local media partners, Siemens was able to build trust with Egyptian consumers through enforcing key messaging.

The Siemens story was featured in more than 25 leading newspapers and magazines throughout October and November 2012, with several full-page spreads and CEO photos as part of the media coverage. Tier one publications that published stories include; Al Alam Al Youm, Akhbar Al Youm, Al Mal, Al Borsa and Al Amwal. On the English side, The Egyptian Gazette featured a Q&A article.

MEAComS provided a thorough post-interview campaign analysis to showcase the positive results of its partnership with Siemens. The coverage reached over 4.8 million Egyptians, worth a total of 274,969 LE in editorial coverage.