We are utterly delighted to announce today that MEAComS, for the second time in a row, is a proud winner at the African Excellence Award 2017! The African Excellence Awards were created to honor the most outstanding achievements of communications and HR professionals in their field.

It has been an absolute journey starting MEAComS to seeing it thrive as it is now. A lot of hard work, late nights, resilience and perseverance went into making MEAComS the efficient and successful Public Relations agency that it is today. I have many people to thank for believing in me, my company and for standing next to me during good and bad times, especially my father for encouraging me to dream big. So, to announce this win today, as I celebrate my father’s birthday is nothing short of great!

The award celebrates our annual external newsletter that details our work, passion, struggles and successes that we share with our clients and followers via digital media. MEAComS has been recognized by the distinguished Jury as one of the most outstanding PR and communications cases in the region over the last year.

Hana Ibrahim, our art director, has been the vital power source behind this win with her dedication to not only her work but all the branding and design work that she has been doing for MEAComS over the past decade. This decade long relationship has been a fundamental nod towards women working to empower other women and we hope to continue this as we move forward with our successes.

Since its inception, MEAComS has empowered and paved way for women. My motto when I started this company was to make sure that women in Egypt, especially in the PR and communications industry, realize that they have the power to change and evolve our society. Even today, our company employs 90% women who are either starting out with the profession or have excelled in it. Winning this award is a testament to the hard work that women do in the Egyptian Public Relations industry and is now recognized globally through this.

As Richard Edelman aptly stated: ‘You can’t buy your way to innovation; you have to earn your way by having peer-to-peer communication’. We, at MEAComS, understand the need for communication at all levels of our corporation – striving to empower our employees, engaging with our clients, promoting what we do and paving way for others to reach for the stars.

We will keep you posted on our journey to the awards and the ceremony with you all soon.

Thank you for being a part of our success.

Fatma Ahmed, Managing Director, MEAComS