MEAComS at the Edelman Africa Affiliates Summit 2019

Addis Ababa – Cairo, 7 September 2019: Over the course of two days, MEAComS took part in Edelman’s Africa Affiliates Summit 2019 in Ethiopia. Edelman, a leading communications firm and a true Pan-African communications consultancy, hosts the Africa Affiliates Summit annually to build collaboration with its African partners and affiliates.

The objective of the summit is to create a more inclusive relationship, understand different markets and encourage cross-sharing as well as share best practices and successes. Along with this, the summit creates an environment where Africa can be celebrated and promoted.

Fatma z. Ahmed, Founder and Managing Director of MEAComS, highlighted that she is proud to represent Egypt at the Edelman Africa Affiliates Summit as MEAComS continues to excel and move forward in the communications industry as Edelman’s affiliate agency in Egypt, serving local and international clients.

“Africa is a centre of excellence where great work is being done along with so much potential and opportunities arising, so it is important to promote it globally. The summit offers the perfect opportunity to share market knowledge, learn best practices from different markets, and connect with potential business opportunities currently within the network, with more collaborative efforts to serve client needs,” Fatma added.

The countries in attendance alongside Egypt at the summit this year were Morocco, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia and South Africa. Agencies presented an overview of the countries business economy, media landscape, shared their competencies and gaps, client portfolio and business structure. They also identified how clients’ businesses are growing and how strong partnership with affiliates and partners will provide more opportunities. Edelman then shared best practices and success stories of growth, empowering affiliates and partners to elevate their business performances and create a centre of excellence.

Jordan Rittenberry, Chief Executive Officer – Edelman Africa, also present at the summit, stated: ‘Edelman takes pride in leading and connecting affiliates and partners to share knowledge, and to create a connected network that identifies key competencies and builds a strong future outlook. We are all doing world-class work and this summit allows us to collaborate with our affiliates and partners so that we can add more value for our clients.”