In Celebration of the World Diabetes Day, Lilly Pharmaceuticals Signs a Cooperation Protocol with the National Diabetes Institute for Awareness against the Disease

Cairo – November 16th 2014 – Within the framework of its commitment towards diabetics in Egypt and under the auspices of the Ministry of Health and Population, Lilly pharmaceuticals signed an agreement of cooperation with the National Diabetes & Endocrinology Institute (NDEI) whereby a program titled ‘Know More; Control Diabetes’ will be launched. The program aims at providing diabetics better health care and awareness through training service providers; doctors, pharmacists and nurses on the latest treatment methods and medical education.

By this agreement Lilly pharmaceuticals will sponsor the continuous medical training program for doctors – which concludes at the end of the current year and involves weekly lectures –  in addition to sponsoring the enrollment of around 100 doctors in the similar online program of the American Diabetes Association: ‘Diabetes Care Online’.

The training course aims at qualifying the medical staff of the health sector as diabetes educators by teaching them about the disease and how to handle diabetics in addition to the application of the educational tool: Diabetes Conversation Maps.  Upon the final evaluation, the trainees will receive certificates accredited by Lilly pharmaceuticals and the NDEI.

Mr. Andres Kristensson, CEO of Lilly Pharmaceuticals Egypt says, “Lilly is a leading international firm in the field of diabetics care since 1923 when we internationally marketed the first commercial insulin; we are local and international leaders in innovative solutions.  The appropriate treatment is the key to managing and monitoring the disease and educating diabetics, their families as well as medical care providers is our priority.  We are keen to make this cooperation with NDEI fruitful and useful to the largest number of doctors and patients in Egypt.”

Dr. Hisham El-Hefnawy, Professor of Diabetes and Endocrine and NDEI Dean says, “Cooperation with Lilly will help us educate around 100 diabetes specialists at the institute and elsewhere with the objective of reaching out to 500 thousand diabetics in Egypt, since NDEI is the only medical organization specialized in diabetes in the Middle East.  The Institute is keen to get the best training opportunities that work on the awareness and education of doctors and the nursing teams so that they become involved in decision making and developing the treatment plans with the aim of reducing the risks of diabetes complications.”

As per Dr. Ashraf Ismael, the Chairman of the Public Organization for Educational Hospitals and Institutes, he commented on the initiative saying that, “Cooperation between Lilly Pharmaceuticals and NDEI is a very important step forward since it aims at reaching out to the largest number of diabetics.  The Diabetes Conversation Maps method that has been launched in more than 121 countries is considered a simplified educational tool that helps diabetics to live with the disease.”

The initiative stats from Cairo and is planned to move to other four governorates as of next year.