Bavarian Auto Group BMW Sole Dealer Renews Contract with Shell Lubricants Egypt

Cairo, 6 November 2013: Bavarian Auto Group, Egypt’s sole authorized BMW dealer, recently renewed its contract with Shell Lubricants Egypt, the leading supplier for oil products worldwide, for another five years. Under the deal, Shell will continue to provide Bavarian Auto Group with its leading-edge oil and lubricant products, which will be sold at Bavarian Group’s numerous after sales centers across the country. Senior representatives from Bavarian Auto Group were on hand at the signing ceremony, including Eng. Ahmed El Shazly, Vice President of After Sales Services, Eng. Fawzan Saad, Regional Director of the Spare Parts Division, and Mrs. Shahinaz Dergham, After Sales Services Marketing Representative. Several representatives from Shell Lubricants Egypt also attended, such as Mr. Stavros Kokkinis, Regional General Manager for the Mediterranean, Mr. Saher Hashem, Managing Director for Shell Lubricants Egypt, and Mrs. Khouloud Khadr, Direct Sales Manager Automotive and Mr. Mohamed Taha, Automotive Key Account Manager. Mr. Saher said he was proud to strengthen Shell Lubricants Egypt’s ties with such an important business partner. “We are pleased to renew our deal with Bavarian Auto Group. Shell Lubricants Egypt has done its best to offer the latest technological advances and highest standard of customer experience for Bavarian Auto Group thanks to our unmatched oil and lubricant products.” The partnership will help ensure Egypt’s BMW enthusiasts only receive the best products and services, he added, announcing that Shell Lubricants Egypt and Bavarian Auto Group have a series of marketing campaigns and workshops planned to promote this message far and wide. The results also showed that several types of Shell’s oils and lubricants are able to provide competitive advantages which satisfy the latest engines and equipment needs, due to Shell’s best team of experts in development lubricant technology of more than 1,000 specialists, 200 researchers, 300 consultants and technicians. Synthetic oil for gasoline engines “Shell Helix Ultra” is a proof of Shell’s distinct progress achieved by the company team in this field, through the synthetic technology of “Shell Helix Ultra” engines can obtain more effective cleansing which called ” Active Cleansing Technology”, this technology works to protect your engine in the most difficult operating conditions, also it supports fighting harmful deposits accumulation on the inner surfaces of the engine continuously, as well as an improved performance which makes engine runs at full capacity until next time to change oil.