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We believe the strength of the team is each individual member,The strength of each member is the team

Central to the success of our entire team is the organic growth of work and responsibility among its members. Together we efficiently brainstorm, share strategic input, creative vision and solid planning in order to produce outstanding results for our clients.


We are empowered innovators, resourceful thinkers and big believers in the fact that quality work is a reward in itself. Above all else, respect, honesty and integrity pervade in our daily interactions here at MEAComS.


Get introduced to our team!


Fatma z. Ahmed
Managing Director & Founder

Fatma z. Ahmed is an Egyptian entrepreneur with over fourteen years of professional experience in public relations and marketing. During her career, she has earned a reputation as leader in her field by building a personal rapport with journalists, press organizations and international media representatives. Fatma has experience in developing and executing intricate communication campaigns. She also has a proven track-record in corporate communications, media relations, crisis management, events management, CSR and brand building. Her experience spans working with firms from the IT, industry, banking, health, petroleum and tourism sectors, among others. She has a Bachelor of Arts from Ain Shams University and an MBA from Maastricht School of Management in the Netherlands. In 2010, Fatma was selected to attend the Middle East Entrepreneur Training (MEET) program for media executives by the Rady School of Management. She was also nominated to participate as a "2013 GROW fellow" in September, 2013 under the auspices of the Vital Voices Global Partnership International. Fatma has developed a pragmatic approach through her work and clients, allowing an understanding for a delicate balance between business needs, circumstance and timing.

Hana Ibrahim
Art Director

Hana Ibrahim has more than ten years of experience as a graphic designer and art director for prominent advertising agencies. After graduating from in 2000, she also worked as an artist. Her work can be found around Cairo at the French Cultural Center, Art Cafe and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She is also an impassioned supporter of Egyptian handicrafts and empowering traditional communities steeped in Egypt's rich craft history.

Mahmoud Zahran
Professional Photographer

Mahmoud has a passion for photography and is always looking for ways to take his craft to the next level. Having served Vodafone, Red Bull, Cross Egypt Challenge, Shell and the African Development Bank, he is experienced in the studio and on-location, as well as also being a skilled portraiture photographer. In his spare time, Mahmoud works on expanding his photographic repertoire by shooting nature and abstract forms, and using his keen eye to depict social issues. When he’s not behind the camera, he enjoys windsurfing and exploring the world.

To view full portfolio of Mahmoud’s work, please check:

Aya Mostafa
Media Coordinator

Aya Mostafa graduated from Cairo University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Mass Communication degree specializing in Public Relations. Aya is a certified PR executive who is responsible for handling day-to-day communication with the media whilst keeping abreast of new trends in media and new media outlets. Aya handles all the media analyses, press releases' distribution and media monitoring.

Menna Magdy
Media Analyst

Menna’s passion towards data compilation and analysis started from being an English major. She is specialized in providing daily media clippings, monitoring online media, and compiling monthly clipping books for our clients. Menna’s job is the first step towards achieving a comprehensive understanding of the market and promoting the clients’ goodwill.

Mona El Gendy
Media Monitoring

Mona El Gendy is our Media Monitoring eye on hot topics. She works with the rest of team in the daily monitoring of the newspaper and magazines.  

Ahmed Tawfik
Executive Producer and Video Editor

Ahmed Tawfik is an Executive Producer and Video Editor who has been working in the field of media production for nine years.
Tawfik started his career in 2007 working as a Media and Production Manager at M A Media, where he stayed for three years. He was responsible of video and radio production, ATL planning and buying, and BTL planning and booking.
After that, Tawfik went on to work as a Producer (TVC) at M A Network. For five years Tawfik used his excellent knowledge in all aspects of film production to deliver first class creative products.
After leaving M A Network, Tawfik went on to tackle a new challenge, by working as a freelance Executive Producer, Colorist and Videographer, relying on his rich experience in the media field. Samples of Tawfik’s work can be viewed through this link:
Tawfik graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor’s degree in Radio and Television from the Faculty of Mass Communication, Cairo University. 

Karim Gamal
Media Executive

Being dedicated and insightful, Karim is responsible for planning and executing PR plans for our clients to ensure press material development and to realize the maximum of media outreach. Karim works hard to implement  up-to-date strategies and efficient PR campaigns that are customized to each client business. Karim also prepares media briefing documents, reviews translated material and clients weekly/ monthly reports

Harim Humayun
Projects Executive

Harim Humayun graduated from the Loughborough University with a Bachelors in Business Administration in 2011 and went on to get a Masters in Strategic Marketing from London School of Business and Finance. Harim is implementing projects across different channels to meet the clients’ business needs.

Engy Magdy
PR Coordinator

Engy Magdy graduated from Ain Shams University in 2017 with a Bachelors in Literature. Engy handles the translation of all the needed documents from various accounts along with media monitoring for our clients.
Engy is responsible for updating and handling MEAComS' Social Media platforms and mapping influencers for our clients.  

Rahma Hussien
Media Coordinator

Rahma graduated second in her class with a Bachelor of Mass Communication degree. She is committed to smartly monitor the clients’ latest printed and online news on various websites and social networks to improve the media outreach. She also contributes in the development of the PR plans and the preparation of reports and press releases.